I have been known to build a costume or two in my time. Here is a collection of files I use to build some of my work. Please feel free to use them royalty free. The only restriction is that you don’t share them on other sites and that you credit the files to Enjoy.

Warhammer 40K

First up an Ultramarine Champion I found on the GW site. It was rather easy to build this since I have the basic form created for a Grey Knight.  I just added the Ultramarine Crest/Plume holder and tada new design.

Ultramarine Champion Pep File

I haven’t been a real fan of the Mark VII suits.  They always looked so wierd. But that is probably because I was a Rogue Trader player and my first sets were all Beakies.  But recently GW has released some really good looking Minis so I thought it might be time to work on a Mark VII helm.  

Unfortunately, I don’t really like the files that are available. So I took the basic one everyone seems to use and fixed the proportions to match the new Minis, removed some of the details to make it easier to pep, (details that can be added in later) and add a collar to round out the bottom of the piece.

Space Marine Mark VII ~ Helm
Scaled to 300mm
Custom Paper is set to 9×12

This Helm was created using software by taking 40+ pictures of a 28mm mini and then refining it in Maya.

Space Wolf Captain Helm v2

This helm was created using a modified Mark VII helm I made.  The wing faces are inverted but that won’t matter when you start peping.  It also gives th piece a nice contrast so you can see the details better.

I don’t know if this will pep easily and I will be modifing and updateing this over the next few days but if anyone wants to play with it here it is!

Aquila Helm 9×12 sheets
Aquila Helm A4 sheets
Aquila Helm Letter sheets

Here is anpther conversion I just put together.  It’s a Mark V (Catfish Face) Helm.  I didn’t add the slits in the face so you can cut them as you’d like.  Some of the Mark V helms have two slits some have three, some have one hose and some have two.  This basic model will let you pep the base and customize it afterwards.

Space Marine Mark V Helm – Letter

I got to playing with the Maya again and this popped out of my head. I give you a nice Mark II helm for you all to play with.

Space Marine Mark II – Helm – Letter

I pep’d Erus’s MK6 shoulder and after slushing in rondo I really didn’t like the shape.  It wasn’t pointed enough at the top like the MK6 I am used to.  So I threw a Nurb deformer around the piece, and warped it a bit to make it more to my taste.  I also pulled off the knobs so that it can be pep’d as a left or right shoulder.

Space Marine MKVI Shoulder

I’ve updated my Grey Knight Helm file this morning, it’s a subtle change but it was really bothering me  the chin just didn’t look right to me and now I feel better after edditting it. LOL.

Grey Knight Helm

And one more for the day.  For those who would rather pep the detail instead of cut it out of the file above.  Here is a Black Templar version of the above helm.

Black Templar helm

I finally got around to building the Asterion Moloc Helm. Now on to some other cool parts of this armor. What should I do next?

Asterion Moloc Helm – not unfolded

Asterion Moloc Helm – Foamie Unfold

I took Samuray’s Chest Aquilla and cut it up for a foamie template.  The wings along on this file are great for other details as well.  Enjoy.

Chest Aquilla for foam template

I will add a photo when I get Photoshop back up and running on my home PC, but for now I will just post some links to the files I and unfolding.

Jump Pack – Foam

Okay everyone,  I have started modifying the files Henrick posted in his huge zip file and hosted them here in the States.  Hopefully this will increase the download times for us Yanks.

These are a work in progress and I will be adding files as I work on them for my suit.

You will see there are A4, Letter and MatMax files in this folder.  The first two are self-explanitory, the third is used to layout the paper templates on 24″x24″ Foam Puzzle Mats. This isn’t meant to be printed but more of a reference to Maximize your Material usage on these mats. Hench MatMax.


Foamie – SOB Wings

Foamie – Wings 2