Hot Pink Halo Spartan

Nothing says sass like a 6 year old in a Spartan suit!

It was a really cool time on the internet. Cosplay was just starting to find some legs and new tools made it really easy to collaborate.  Pepakura was the newest thing available and is still one of the best ways to build your own armor.

I was a huge fan of the Halo series at the time and I was dabbling in building a suit for myself.  After two failed attempts I finally gave up making my own suit and worked on creating cool things for my kids.

Hot Pink Halo Spartan

Halloween was fast approaching and my daughter just loved watching me build this helmet.  Due to scaling issues the third build was way too small for me, however it fit her perfectly.  Peeking out of the visor are she says she wanted it to be pink with cupcakes.  I wish I had a better photo of the sides because there are some cool hand painted skull and cupcakes on the piece.

This was my first piece and it showed me that given enough practice I could make something pretty cool.  Given enough time I could make it look even better.